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Wind Power And Penny Stocks

Two great things that go great together. That seems to be the way it’s going right now and will for some time. Wind power is the talk of the town and with oil bouncing up and down, Wind power play is going to pick up more head-winds.

T. Boone Pickins has made wind power a more serious play in the energy sectors with his purchase of 667 turbines from General Electric (GE) back in May. Since then more and more companies are coming out to join the crusade. I was trading solar stocks last year and did quite well for the most part, but that was mainly because of First Solar (FSLR). Early this year I started looking into wind power companies and some of these companies I still invest in. Some of the ones I started with were foreign companies, but have pulled back from them since May.

I don’t know if any of my readers watch Jim Cramer on his show Mad Money, but he did a show a few months ago where he built a windmill from scratch. he spoke about the different companies that are involved in supplying the components to build these wind turbines.
Many of the companies that he profiled on that show I was already looking into and investing and trading stocks in some of them.

The reason I mention penny stocks in the title of this post is because there are some of these wind power companies that can be considered penny stocks. When trading penny stocks I mentioned that there is more risk involved because the company is new and/or doesn’t report earning on a regular basis. With that said I will let you in on some stocks that I think you might like for your portfolio. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Do your research and due diligence first before investing if you want to be one of the stock market success stories.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc. (OTC BB: MMGW.OB) This company has been around for 10 years and have now started to make progress with their patent design windmills.

Composite Technologies Corp. (OTC BB: CPTC.OB) Here’s a company that provides the cables to connect the turbines to the grid.

Mas Tec Inc. (NYSE: MTZ) This stock is no longer considered a penny stock since it trades above $10, but I mention it because it’s probably the best in transferring the power from the turbines to the grid. When I jumped in on this play back in April, it was trading at around $7.50 it now sits at $14.60 at the close Friday.


Broadwind Energy Inc. (OTC BB: BWEN.OB) This company still trades on the OTCBB, but the price is now at $17.66 as of the close Friday. Only four months ago this company was trading at $9 and it went as high as $29 (I jumped out at $27.50). This company operates on many levels and their wind power division will just take them higher in the future.

As with these companies that I spoke about, I do plan to get in them again. Make sure the investment is right for you before you make a trade.
Happy Trading.

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7 Responses to “Wind Power And Penny Stocks”

  1. JuNexx says:

    I think that most penny stocks are scams. When trading penny stocks, it’s important to realize that most are worthless. It doesn’t mean you cannot make money.

    You have to go into them realizing they are not investments and you have to sell when you realize the profit you want, because if you don’t, you will be left with nothing.

    I know that in penny stocks, they move with good news, chatter online, and when price and volume breakout occurs, you hop in. When the momentum slows down – GET OUT! Take your profits and limit your losses, that’s the way to make money with them.

  2. mlgreen8753 says:

    I disagree with JuNexx. I wouldn’t go so far to say penny stocks are scams, but I do agree they are more risky due to the fact that the companis are new and don’t don’t have enough of a track record to make a confident investment, so you have to go off of what you do know and watch them closely. They are preferable to some because they are cheap and have a lot of potential to make an investor a lot of money since they are more likely to double, triple, or even quadruple in value. I am looking into Mentor Capital (MNTR), which is currently at $2.65 for that very reason.

  3. Detox John says:

    Wind power is good although it looks a bit bulkier compared to solar cells. i am trying to build a small wind generator at home too.

  4. Bacnet says:

    Wind Power is one of the best alternative energy sources that we should utilize, it is very clean and non-polluting. I built a small wind generator at home which can power small appliances.

  5. Isabella Edwards says:

    Wind power is a good source of electricity but it also takes up lots of space just like solar power plants..,`

  6. Erik Goodman says:

    Mass Megawatts Wind Power is not as bad company as one might think. However, you never know what might come out of it.

  7. visit site says:

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