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What Will Happen To The Investor Class?

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In this election year we have heard a lot about what will happen to the American people more than I can remember since I’ve been voting (which covers over 25 years). One of the major things being spoken about is taxes and yes it’s a topic that is discussed every election, but with the condition of the economy, it’s more important than ever.
I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I’m a Libertarian (a party that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves). I believe that our federal government has gotten too big, it spends way too much money than it should. The one true way to reduce taxes is to reduce spending.
The reason why I bring this to light on a blog that deal solely with the stock market is that this year we could have our investments effected in ways that will hit us on many levels. If some of these ideas come to pass we may have more money pull put of the markets that will continue to cause the markets to fall.
Take into consideration that if any one political party was to control the Presidency, the Senate as well as Congress, they would be able to mold the laws and pass bills that could take decades to change. At the present time the Democratic party controls the Senate and Congress. With the way Congress has been sitting on their a$$ for the last two years from all the filibustering that causes the delays in decision making, we can’t afford to let most of the candidates go back to Congress to serve this country again.
Please be aware of the politicians that were involved with the issues that help cause the collapse of the housing market as well as the credit crisis. These candidates will most likely continue to do more of the same if they were to get re-elected.
As for the Presidency, below is a link to help you think of a few other things that will be effected if the wrong person is voted in office. Remember Wall Street and Main Street are one and the same. Where does average Joe have his 401K plan? On Wall Street, that’s where we all have them.

Target the Investor Class in 2009

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