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What To Expect For The Week Of 7-28-2008

We are starting a new weekly post here at Beating The Stock Market.com. It’s good that at this site you can get some good information, but we also want to help you beat the stock market. So every week we will bring you what we expect from the markets(or individual stocks)in the week ahead. I guess this will also show if we know what were talking about.
After the week that we had (7-21-2008) with oil coming off it’s 52-week high by 15%. The DOW reaching 11,632 and now sits at 11,371. NASDAQ and the S&P 500 finished basically flat for the week. This week the consumer report, GDP, auto sales, non-farm payroll, and the unemployment rate are due(most near the end of the week). I look forward to this week. I’m not expecting anything great or doom and gloom like, but I do see some light in areas of the market.
This week depends on a few companies that can make or break their sectors. We are looking toward earnings reports this week to give us some light.
.Monday afternoon Mosaic(NYSE: MOS) will report their earnings. Last week Potash(NYSE: POT) had a great quarter and raised their guidance much higher than what the street estimated. Mosaic will be no different. This week will be a great week for the Agricultural sector. The price for potash $1050 per metric ton, up from $400 per metric ton in January. As for nitrate and other products they sell, they’re up too. Keep an eye on this sector even though Jim Cramer(Mad Money) feels that this sector is “out of flavor” with the investors.
Tuesday I’m looking toward Kaydon(NYSE: KDN) a company that manufactures ball bearings for the robotics, medical, material handling, machine tool positioning, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, security, electronic and other industrial applications. This company is a big part of the wind power play that is going on now with the new grid that was approved in Texas. They also raise the 3Q dividends this past week. To me that spells profits.
First Solar Inc.(NASDAQ: FSLR) will report on Wednesday. This is the same company that was at $81 on Aug. 16 2007 and now sits at $261(off their high of $317). I’m not too sure what to expect since their growth in the last year has been stellar and the solar sector isn’t has hot as wind power. I’ll wait to see the report, but if it’s not good I just might look into shorting this stock and sector.
On Thursday Marathon Oil Corp.(NYSE: MRO) reports what is expected to be a horrible quarter for them. With the price of oil hit a high of $147 this month, the margins for refineries aren’t so good. The stock price has dropped 33% of their high(I’m glad I stayed away from that one, remember I’m a bull at heart). With the price of oil dropping(and may continue), the refineries may do OK. I don’t expect a positive guidance from them.
On the other hand, we have Chevron(NYSE: CVX) reporting on Friday. They should have nothing but good things in their reports. These guys should never have had the chance to merge with Texaco, but they did and now we’re paying for it at the pumps(same goes for Exxon-Mobil ).
Happy trading to all of you this week in the market. I hope this post gives you some insight and we hope to see you around again. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do feel free to give them.

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