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Try Morningstar Investment Services

At Beating The Stock Market.com we’re careful about which services we recommend or take on as a sponsor because it’s our name on the line. I only work with companies that I have personally used or tried.

With that being said, Morningstar investment services is a site that I feel every investor/trader should be using. They offer a great service to help monitor and manage your portfolio.

Morningstar offers two different accounts with them. You can have a FREE membership account or you can have a premium account. If you like, you can take advantage of their 14 DAY FREE TRIAL of the premium account. Just cancel within the 14 days and there will be no charge.

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Once you walk through the few easy steps to opening an account on Morningstar, you will be brought to a page where you can take advantage of offers to enhance your trading skills. You don’t have to select any of them if you don’t want to, but they’re there if you want.

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Once you are registered, you will be brought to your home page. You will start by adding you stock symbols as well as the amount of shares you own, the purchase price and the commission paid. After completing the easy task of adding the information, you will be brought to your portfolio overview page.

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Click on the different tabs along the top and see how your portfolio is keeping pace with the major indicies as well as Morningstar’s funds. Take a look at your portfolio in what Morningstar refers to as an X-ray. See how your portfolio is diversified throughout the world and compared to the S&P500.

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You can also set your alerts as to how you want to be notified of changes in you stock price as well as any news releases in regards to stocks you own.

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I’ve been using Morningstar for some time now and I find the program very useful and it helps keep me “tuned” to what is going on better than the online broker site that I use for investing. So try it out for yourself and see it right for the beginner as well as the advanced trader. Click the link to get started for FREE.