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Today In The Stock Market

With a hour left in the trading day, the stock market has been pretty flat. There have been some great gains with a few stocks as well as some big losses in others. That’s typical in any day of trading, but is this a typical day? On a regular day in the markets, yes it is.
This morning would have been good if I went ahead and bought into some companies that I’ve been looking at, but as I’ve said in the last few posts, I don’t have too much confident in the markets.
So should I concern my myself with the money I could have made today doing some day trading? No. There will be some great opportunities in the near future for me to capitalize on.
The agricultural and consumer staple sectors have done good today. It would be nice to see them hold those gains.
On a typical day we just might see a sell off come in the last hour. If it does, I’ll be ready to buy on weakness.

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