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The Stock Market Year-End Rally

What a year this has been for the stock markets. When this year started I knew the indicies would drop quite a bit, but no where to the levels that they are at now. After the years we had in 2005-2007, there was no way that the DOW or any other market would have a positive one in 2008.
I’m looking forward to the next year to start already. I figure that there are many who are waiting for it as well. Holding off on the sidelines and just wait out the rest of this year. I’m very optimistic about 2009 and expect a very profitable one at that.

We will need to stay away from certain sectors for the beginning part of the year and in some cases, stay away from others all year long. Which ones they are, I’m not really sure, but I do know that the real estate market is one that I will be involved in sometime in the year.

The markets have held up well in the last two weeks (even without the Santa rally) and I expect this week to be higher than where it closed on Friday. So hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride.

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