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The Sign Of Things To Come

Now that the election is over we can get back to what is really important, getting the economy back on track. From the looks of things that went on in the first half hour, it doesn’t look like the markets took the news very well.
As it turned out in California yesterday, the clean energy bill didn’t get the support it needed to get passed. Which in my eyes doesn’t look too good since California is usually the leading state when it comes to clean and green type technologies for their environment. The alternative energy sector is getting driven downward in the morning trading hours. As I stated yesterday in my post, It does look good for wind, solar, and other alternative/renewable energies with Obama winning the Presidency, but for right now the sector is taking a little dip. This just be the time to get into the stocks of you choice in this sector. Buy your positions in increments and on the dips.
As for nuclear power, McCain was for it, but at the moment Obama stated that he would have alot to look at in regards to nuclear power being used in the U.S.
What does the future for the financial sector? It’s believe that stability will be brought back to the financial industry, but remember that could be just a false sense of security. It was announced today that the Federal Reserve has appointed a new risk manager and if their choice doesn’t put a little worry in your head, then I don’t know what would. Their choice is Michael Alix, the former chief risk officer from Bear Stearns, that’s right the man who made the decision to have Bear Stearns take on all that risk that eventually destroyed them. The only thing that I could think of is that they hired him to tell them what not to do.
Hnag in there and take profits where you can. Happy trading.

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