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The Bull In The China Shop

stock trading
photo by mvhargan

What a difference a weekend makes. Last week the stock market fell over 20% with Friday having the most volatile day of the week. Now it’s Monday morning and the markets are starting the week off with a bull attitude. Opening up over 300 points with the financial sector leading the way.
Last week we were hearing that we are entering a bad time in our economy. It was being said that this is just the being to what’s to come. The best way to describe it would be “The sky is falling” syndrome.
Now for the last couple of hours I’ve been hearing the opposite of it a (well sort of). the past day or so, “people-in-the-know” have been basically saying that they don’t know, that there is too much uncertainty with the world economy to really make a clear call on what we can expect from the markets.
This past weekend the European countries are now having their governments announcing that they too will be injecting capitol into their own economy to avoid similar issues that the U.S. is facing. Let me in on something…you’re too late, you’re already there.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not expecting anything positive from the markets except the volatility will be high and the trading if done correctly will be profitable. Yes, this morning’s trading is looking good, but that’s the picture for now and we all know how that could change in a heart beat.
I’m not looking at this as the “bottom” as some are wanting to call this, but historically the markets don’t turn around this quickly. We still have sometime to wait before we see the markets level off and turn around. I’ve said it couple of times before and I’ll say it again…”Don’t believe the hype”.

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