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The Bailout Continues, But What’s Next?

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I’m not surprised that Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson would be running to Congress to get them to rush this bill through, after all It’s the fault of the three stooges (Bernanke, Paulson and Cox) that this has gone on this long and to this extent. The two of them are warning that letting problems persist would have dire consequences for the national economy. Why didn’t they think of that last year when this was first rearing it’s ugly head. I forgot, Bernanke was in denial, he was saying last year this this was normal and expected.
Now they want our politicians to hurry up and get something done right a way. Which I think is funny when you think about how all Congress can rush is themselves out the door for vacation (which will happen again at the end of this week. Senator Chris Dodd D-Conn said, “We all recognize the gravity of the situation,” said Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., presiding over the congressional hearing on the crisis. He said the “economic maelstrom” was caused by a combination of “private greed and public regulatory neglect.” I wish he would be more specific on names instead of saying “public and private”
This administration has become a joke. The SEC isn’t regulating any of these companies, we have Senator being paid off to look the other way for the last three years, Bernanke in denial for the last year, and last but not least we have Paulson (the biggest joke of them all) spending our tax dollars on this bailout. As it is we don’t have the money to save these companies, never mind the economy. I got a great idea for starters, why don’t they take all the monies that the CEO’s are going to get for their great work that they have done for the companies?

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