ADVFN: Online Trading Tools

Throughout my years of trading in the stock market, I’ve found many different tools that have come in handy in helping me make the most of my trades. Some of those stock trading tools include software, membership subscriptions as well as message boards that I participate in.

One site I’ve recently found allows you to join for FREE to get access to their site. They have a basic membership as well as a paid side, but in this post I’ll just talk about what you get for joining the site for FREE.

The site is ADVFN and is dedicated to the stock markets and FOREX trading. I don’t know how long the site has been around, but from the looks of it, it has been active for many years.

I signed up for their free membership and have been able to access the different indicies within the markets, as well as markets in different countries. You can check your investments real-time with ADVFN’s FREE stock charts . You can also access their comprehensive range of tools to help with your trading decisions, including in-depth research, up to the minute news and stock streaming tools.

They also have not one, but two stock message boards. One board has, at last count, over 450,000 members with over 25 million posts that cover mid and large cap companies. The other stock trading forum has more than 100,000 members and has over 15 million posts that cover micro and small cap companies.

If you’re new to trading foreign currencies, this site will also help you follow the FOREX more closely than any other FREE site out there. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge by learning more about the stock market, I insist you give this site a try. It has so much to offer. How can you go wrong when it won’t cost you anything to join?

Again the site is ADVFN and it offers a FREE membership, so just click on the banner below or the one in our sidebar and sign up today.

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