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Buying Penny Stocks

Are penny stocks only worth a penny? Well in most cases not even that much, but on the other hand, some $100 stocks are not worth the investment either. I’ve seen yahoo shares go from .78 to $118, back to $4.85 and now 4 years later $23. Home Depot in Dec of 1999 hit $70 a share and now 8 years later it $21.

If your looking for information to learn how to buy stocks for beginners, here’s some that will help you out immensely. Buying a penny stock is just as hard as buying a Dow 30 stock, but the rewards are far greater for a $1.00 stock to grow 100%. It just has to go to $2.00, where as a $100 stock has to go to $200, which is a far greater feat. Most of the time, a $100 stock will have revenues of $2 or $3 billion for its share price. To double in one year, revenues will have to grow to $4 or $6 billion, where as a $1 or $2 stock might have revenues of $50-$100 million. It’s easy for them to grow revenue to 100 or 200 million in a year. This is why the small cap market outperforms the Dow every year.

Just remember that most every company out there was once a stock under $5.00. I have always said that there’s a stock going up over 100% every day in the stock market and if you do your DD’s (due diligence) you can be the one who finds it. Just don’t look for them in the mid – large cap stock. Penny and small cap stocks are where you will find them. Look at the earnings report and make sure they are increasing 50% quarter over quarter minimally and then check out the chart. Look at the volume to see if it has been rising steadily and see if they have been in a trading range for a 3 to 6 months period. The trend is your friend.

Once you see them breakout from that trading range – BUY! The chart will always tell you what to do before the news comes out. Most of the time one or two week after a breakout, the news will come out and push the stock higher. Remember, you want to be ahead of the herd not with them. If you try to follow the herd, it’s likely that you missed the big gains or you got in too late and you missed it all together. Always remember to sell and secure your profits. As Jim Cramer likes to say, “bears make money, bulls make money and pigs get slaughtered.

This is just some of what has to be done, so when you’re ready to start buying stock online, do your DD’s first.

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So Where’s The Recovery?

Wall Street took a beating this week and from what I can see, it will only continue when the stock market opens on Monday. So where’s the recovery?

Let’s look how well the employment numbers looked for the month of May. According to the report, only 54,000 jobs were added to the private sector during the same period. The bad part about that is that for the employment rate to hold steady, it must add 150,000 jobs each month just to keep up with the population growth in the U.S. So obviously, there’s no recovery in the job market.

How about the housing market? Well from what I’ve seen coming out over this past week, it also doesn’t look good at all. In some areas of the United States, home prices have fallen to the levels of 2002. In other areas like Las Vagas, the home prices have fallen to the levels of 1999. Many feel that the average home price will continue to drop for the remainder of this year. So I guess we can rule out that industry for showing signs of recovery.

So why is it that the stock market has been climbing since it’s bottom back in March of 2009. We’ll I feel that there was some companies that had solid fundementals and balanced sheet to continue to grow in the trouble economy. Remember that the indicies really only show the strength of the markets, not necessarily the strength of the economy. Of course many investors and traders were not completely wiped out financially and were willing to keep buying and selling.

How long can this keep up? In my opinion, not for long. Congress isn’t doing what they need to do and the present Administration is spending like a drunken sailor (I know that’s not fair to say about drunken sailors since drunken sailors spend their own money). It was reported this week that if a decision isn’t made to raise the debt ceiling, Moody’s has stated that they will decide on how they are going to re-evaluate America’s credit rating. Figuring that both the democrats and the republicans can not agree on anything, we’re going to lose our current rating and that will send this country into an inflation tailspin.

So if you’re thinking of trading in the stock market, tread carefully and be aware of the day by day issues going on in Washington as well as on Wall Street.

Happy trading.

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The DOW Closes Above 12,000

With the DOW climbing 148 points today and closing at 12,040, many are wondering if it can sustain this level. The DOW hasn’t closed above the 12,00 level since June 2008. It’s been a long two and a half years to get back to this level, but are we out of the woods yet?

I’m no expert, but I will say that any average Joe can see that the economy has not recovered no matter what the “reports” say. I travel a lot and where ever I go, I see many establishments that closed in 2008 and to this day most of them are still vacant. I know in the county I live in, the unemployment rate is nearly 14% and the state’s level is “projected” at 10.1%. I say “projected” because who are they trying to fool with that report? How many people are no longer collecting benefits and are still unemployed? They’re no longer being counted which according to realistic estimates, puts the national rate some around 18%-19.5%.

What about the housing market? The average home prices are starting to stabilize, but no one is ready to get out there and start buying property again. A report was released this week showing that over 11% of the homes in America unoccupied and more people are looking to rent than to own.

One thing we can see from over the last two and a half years is which companies were strong enough to weather-out the storm. I’ve been able to see some small cap companies grow in value at a steady pace with expected pull-back from the profit takers, only to continue the climb up. There are others that I’ve recently discovered that look to be contenders in a couple of years.

For the last few months I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching the market. I’m not confident with the markets, the economy or the government at this time. Yes I have missed some good gains in stocks that I was invested in, but I sleep better just sitting it out right now. I love the stock markets and will always be involved with it, so for now I’ve been looking at some short/long term (2-4years) small caps that I will be investing in soon enough. I’m just waiting for a healthy pull-back (6%-9%) at then I’ll make my trades.

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I’ve been looking at the different industries and investment vehicles that are out there for the average investors. Depending on which types of investments out there, it may or may not be the time to invest. How can one know if an investment is right? Taking your time and doing the research to find out if it will be a profitable one or not. The housing market, the stock market or any other investment you have to choose from can be profitable, but unless you look at the real numbers and study everything there is to know about the investment prior to putting your money into it, you can lose most (if not all) of your capitol.

Yes housing prices are way down from their peak in 2006-2007, but that doesn’t mean that all housing prices are right for the picking. You need to look at the condition as well as the area the house is in. In some part of the country, housing prices may never reach the prices of just a few years ago.

What about the stock market? I don’t trust the stock market at this time since there is no reason for the DOW to be at where it is at the moment. Every month poor reports are being released (consumer confidence, unemployment and retail sales) and the stock market seem to either gains or holds it’s ground. We are in a terrible economic time and to think that the stock market will continue to hold is risky. The economic current events look pretty scary. If you’re looking to invest in the stock market, make sure you do your research into the company before you buy any shares. It’s the only way to know what stocks to buy now.

In my opinion, gold is the answer right now. I don’t mean stocks that trade off of stocks, I’m referring to actual gold. Gold as always retained it’s value or has gone up during trouble times like these. So when you invest, invest wisely.

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Stock Market Roller-Coaster Ride

Here we go again. It looks like we’re in for another ride this week on Wall Street. The stock market lost over 500 points last week and on Monday, it gained 103 points. So what going on so far for this morning? Well the DOW opened flat, but was dropping fast as the opening minutes clicked by. Within twenty five minutes the DOW was down 180 points and since then has climbed it’s way back to only being down 36 points during it’s first forty five minutes into the trading day.

Either way you look at it, it’s going to be a wild ride for the rest of the year. I’m not confident on the condition of the stock markets and because of that, I’m sitting a lot of my money off to the side until the second dip happens sometime this year. We are not out of the woods yet and we are still in a lot of economic dangers in the near future.

Last night while watching Jim Cramer on Mad Money, I noticed that he is confident in the markets and sees some great things coming in the near future. The only thing I agree with him on is his opinion on investing in gold. Of course he didn’t say if you should own stocks in gold producing companies or in actually gold itself. My thoughts on that is that you should own gold coins and other gold items. Like I said, I don’t trust the condition of Wall Street and owning stocks in gold is not the same thing. Whatever you do, do your research into anything you’re going to invest in.

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Federal Reserve Realizes The Condition

After all this time that I’ve been saying that there is no good reason for the DOW and the rest of the markets to be as high as it is, we can see from the comments from the Federal Reserve, we are not bouncing back from the recovery as they and the Obama Administration have been trying to feed us for the last year. The Federal Reserve states that the economy is not growing as fast as they once thought. To make matters worse, the dollar is at a fifteen year low against the Yen.

In the first forty five minutes of trading today, the DOW is down 200 points. A sign that that investors and brokers are waking up to the realization of the fact that we are not out of the woods yet. NASDAQ is also down 54 points in the same amount of time. All together, each of the three idicies have lost roughly 2% in less than one hour.

Of course I expect the markets to jump back up, but that will be from the market makers trying to make some more profits on this sell off. The DOW has moved up to 10,700 in the last week and there should be some profit taking, but this drop is not going to end with a few people taking their profits. I feel that some will start weening out of the stock market in preparation of the correction we’ll see in the second half of this year.

If you are still looking for some trading action, because you love the game of the markets, I suggest that you learn and start shorting stocks and the overall market.

What happened to the stock market today?

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Stock Market Volatility

Stock market volatility fluctuates all the time, some days more than others. Volatility in the markets grow as the gains increase along with those times when uncertainty rises.

Since the markets have risen as high as they did and the condition of the economy is still on shaky ground, I’m not surprised to see that the VIX (volatility index) jumped 20% in just one day. What does surprise me is the fact that it took so long for it to happen.

In the last fourteen months, the Dow Industrial Average (DJIA) has increased by nearly 80% and over 10% in the last three months. I’ve been saying for quite some time now about the fact that the DOW sitting at over 10,000 points has no real reason to be there. Of course many investors are still riding the wave as long as they can. Unfortunately many of them won’t see it coming when the markets take the next plunge.

Unemployment is at 12% (officially), but it is estimated to be at 17% since most people who were receiving unemployment benefits last year are no longer eligible. Many companies are holding off on hiring until they get a good look at the new tax laws that the present Administration has passed. Add on the fact that the foreclosures in the United States are not shrinking, instead they are holding steady in most areas.

The VIX is one of the indicators that should be watched on a regular basis as part of your stock market strategies. As the uncertainty in the markets rises, the VIX will climb. Many average investors lose money in the stock market as this happens because the price per share of most companies will rise and fall with large swings. If you are a veteran in trading stocks, most likely you’ve learned to read the VIX and play it accordingly.

For those who are not familiar with VIX, there are a few stock market books that will help you understand much better. In many of Jim Cramer books, you will find information about the volatility in the stock market and how to play it.

What happened to the stock market today?

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Is This A Real Rally?

Oh well, here we go again. After spending the last week or so losing 700 points and falling below 10,000 points at the close. Everyone feels that the stock market is on the rise again. Earnings season is upon us as a matter of fact we have Disney reporting after the close. I am pretty sure that they will not beat the street. Why is that? Besides the fact that I am a season ticket holder and have seen how much business they have lost in their Parks. Their latest movie, The Princess and the Frog, did not do as well as it was expected. They also have to take into account the fact that they bought Marvel Entertainment Inc.

To get back on my original thought, It seems that the media is talking about how this rally is “real”, I don’t think so. How can it when you have sales down in many business’ and people are still losing their jobs. Look before you leap back into any stocks at this time. Yes, I know the markets have corrected themselves in the last week or so, but isn’t that what we were saying a year and a half ago? History has shown us that there is always a second bounce. It’s my opinion that we will see the second bounce some time in the first half of this year.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for the last few months when it comes to actively trading on a day-by-day basis. I did make some acquisitions of some stocks like Ford (NYSE: F), as well as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Those trades were made for the long haul since I do have confidence in those companies and the people running them. I’m going to continue to wait for the other shoe to fall before I get back into the day trading. My advice to you is to do the same, but then again who am I?

Do what you may ,but consider yourself warned.
Happy Trading.

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Free Trial: Cramer’s Real Money Program

The Host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer has been helping the average person learn about the stock market for a long time. He’s written several books on investing, as well as being the Chairman on TheStreet.com. I for one have made quite a bit of money listening to Jim Cramer.

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I’ve been a member of The Street.com’s RealMoney program for a while and I’m not disappointed. Here’s an opportunity to try out RealMoney.com for a 14 day free trial. Click below to check it out.

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Stock Market Update

The first day of trading after the labor day weekend has been very interesting. The three indicies finshed the day higher, Dow up 56 points while the S&P 500 closed at 1025.39 and the NASDAQ did the best of the three closing at 2037.77 (up 0.94%).

That wasn’t even the most worthy news of the day, that honor goes to the price of gold, which went above $1000 for the first time in quite some time. The U.S. Dollar lost value today and with that going on, the Commodity sector gained throughout the day.

This week will be a very telling sign of things to come in the near and distance future. Just to be on the safe side, I will be treading very carefully through it all. For those of you that want to try out a different trading technique but are afraid to do it in such trying times, here is a free fantasy stock market game that you can find out if those ideas will pan out.
What can you lose? It’s FREE.

Learn Trading

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