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Alternative Energy Gets Better Everyday

Alternative Energy has been on the minds of people for decades and as the time goes on the technology improves. The price of oil is once again on the rise. The cost of coal has risen and after the latest disaster in Kentucky it has shown us that we need to move towards alternative energy.

Out of all the different alternative energy sources, wind power seems to be the best choice of them all. Why do I say that? Well, it’s because wind power can cost as litter as $0.02 per kwh. One company that I’ve spoken about before and I still stand behind is Mass MegaWatts Wind Power Inc. (MMGW,OB: OTC). They have been doing the right thing in progressing towards a more efficient way in producing wind energy.

Last Friday they released a report in regards to their new design in their turbine blades. Mass MegaWatts has multiple patents on their equipment and that alone will bring value to the company. With many other wind turbine designs, they are costly when it comes to repairs. Unlike other designs, Mass MegaWatts has put together a unit that doesn’t require huge cranes to make repairs to their blades. Mass MegaWatts have also designed a product that is not harmful to birds. The big GE wind turbines have killed many birds, including ones that are on the endangered list.

Presently the stock is sitting at around $0.70 per share and is ready for a break out. they have things in the works that will increase their revenue immensely. I’ve spoken to the company and from what we’ve talked about, this stock is ready to explode. In the coming weeks we will hear a lot of news from this company and I know that it will be positive and wall street will finally take notice of it’s potential. Currently there are no analyst covering this stock, which of course is good for investors looking to get in at good price before everyone else jumps on the “band wagon”.

Look for yourself and you will see that this is the next alternative energy company that will bring new and great things.

Happy Trading.

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Investing In The Energy Sector

Broadly speaking, the energy sector refers to that sector of the economy that is comprised of a wide variety of stocks (public shares in companies) that have energy production as their essential business. Examples, of these energy stocks include oil companies like Conoco Phillips or Exxon, coal companies, and even “green” energy companies like First Solar which attempts to capitalize on solar energy. As these examples show, some of these stocks may be foreign (for example, Conoco Phillips is Canadian), or U.S. companies (for example, First Solar).

Of course, some U.S. companies do business overseas (for example, Exxon). Thus, an investment in the energy sector may involve the purchase of these different kinds of stocks and many others that fit this description, and it sometimes wise for an investor to consider what element(s) of the business sector is most appealing, given that investor’s beliefs about what types of energy are apt to be particularly fast growing enterprises or what areas of the world are most apt to need and have the ability to expand energy production. An investor can purchase individual energy stocks or a stock fund in which the fund manager has assembled a group of stocks that all share in common a primary involvement in energy production.

This too becomes a consideration, since an investor may have more confidence that a single company will do well in the future than a group of related but different companies or may dislike the idea of investing entirely in a single company and prefer a wider bet that the energy sector will do well, whether a given company does or not. If the intent is to invest in the energy sector, it is generally best to purchase a mutual fund run by a good fund manager with low overhead costs in order to place a wide bet on this sector of the economy generally.

With this decision made, the next step is to research various mutual funds, perhaps through a fund rating company like Morning Star,in order to determine which mutual fund might be purchasing those energy stocks the investor most likes, in the region of the world that the investor believes to be most ripe for fast growth, managed by a fund manager with a good track record, and set up to minimize the overhead costs (for example, the management fees and the commission costs at purchase and sale of the mutual fund). In my judgment, the new investor should always look first at the Vanguard mutual funds.

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