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Super-Size My Profits, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD)

The economy may be slowing down, Consumer confidence is low and consumer spending is dropping, but no matter what people want to go to McDonald’s more and more it seems. McDonald’s same store comps rose last month (August) 4.5% in the U.S. and 8.5% worldwide. I’m not surprised in the news because when you are out and running around (like most Americans) you just want to get a quick bite to eat, Where do you run to first? McDonald’s has made it a point to buy key properties in all cities over the life of the company that it’s hard not to find one when you’re in a rush to grab something.

They are also building new restaurants everyday all over the world so how could they not beat their comps for the previous month. I do expect this to continue on the basis that more countries are eating more American-ized type food and McDonald’s are leading the way.


As for any other fast food restaurant, they can’t compete with these numbers. Wendy’s stated in August that their same store sales were up, but only 0.01% and in Burger King’s 4th quarter, their worldwide comps were only up 5.3%.


This is a company that I will look into because if these comps were better than expected, it could mean a good earnings report when they report next month on October 22nd. The stock is up over 10% since the beginning of the year and up30% since it’s low of $49.36 at the end of January. it has shown great returns over the long haul and with a dividend yield of 2.4% who can really complain? I do have some concern with the fact that the dollar has gained some strength and could possibly hurt international operations.


As with any interest in buying stocks, you need to do your research and due diligence before claiming a stake in the company. Happy trading.

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