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Stock Prices Are On The Rise

After the year we had I the stock market, it’s nice to see stock prices on the rise. Today the DOW closed at 9015.10, up 62 points for the day. I know that 62 points isn’t really much, but I’ll take whatever I can get on the positive side.
Stock prices have been rising steadily since the end of November. The Dow is up 19% since it’s November lows as well as the S&P 500 is up over 24% within the same time frame. I hope to see this continue. Especially after the news of Alcoa’s plans to cut 13,000 employees, roughly 13% of the work force, I look forward to see what will come in the next month.
it seems that everyone globally has plans to pass out a stimulus plan of some sort. China is now reporting that they will have a stimulus plan of over $600 billion. Germany has released information that they too will have a stimulus plan. Everyone is getting happy with someone else’s money to stimulate their own economy. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it sound odd?
With all the news coming out that the U.S. can possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel sooner than expected, many traders are moving their capitol out of the consumer staple and health care sectors, which is what happens once the economy starts to show signs of improvement. To me I think it’s just been a good 5-6 weeks and I’m not expecting miracles of the stock market going up from this point without any temporary set backs and corrections.
On top of all this news (particularly positive), it seems that another billionaire committed suicide. German billionaire Adolf Merckle stepped in front of an oncoming train in Berlin after leaving a note to the reason of his actions. It’s a shame that these wealthy people end their lives after they lose all their wealth. It just goes to show you that money can only make you so happy. This is the fourth person since September to end their lives because of their financial woes.

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