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Stock Market Technicals

market technicals

I’ve been warning many of my readers that the stock market will take a dive very soon and from the looks of the last few days, that time has come. If you look at stock market technicals, you are aware that the DOW at a level of 7550.00 is a level that would cause many sell-offs to happen.
Today’s lows of the DOW was 7551.01, which came very close, but not to the point where the sell off would have occurred.
I said it before and I’ll say it again, you need to keep plenty of money on the sidelines for times like these when the prices for stocks in good companies are at a great “sale” price. These companies are not damaged, just the stock prices are. You need to be ready to take advantage of these buying opportunities to help grow your portfolio during a bad economic down-turn.
For those of you that have had patience over the last month or so, this just might be the time for you to jump in and build a good solid position in the companies that you’ve been watching. I’ve been holding back in jumping in with both feet and with the stock market down at these levels, it’s hard not to just dive in head first. Of course I won’t involve my emotions in the markets.
Who knows where the markets will be in a month or two from now. Especially with the fact that Obama’s stimulus plan hasn’t really been accepted by Wall Street and Main Street. On the news of the plan being approved, the Dow has dropped quite a bit. The markets can hit that crucial level of 7550 and all bets will be off, the sell off will begin and it won’t stop until it get to about 7300 basis points. Then again it may just take back off to the 9000 level just like it did not too long ago.
No matter what, the rest of 2009 is going to be a total washout and the only way to get your portfolio to grow is to make trades when the time is right and then get out while the getting is good. Either way the market may go either way over the next couple of days, you should keep an old saying in mind, ” hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. This way you’ll be ready without being disappointed.

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