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Stock Market News For The Week

It’s amazing how this week has turned out for me and for some investors that I talk to. I’m not talking about the traders who buy and sell everyday or even the day-traders. I’m referring about investors who have more of a buy and hold mentality. I’ve spoke before in another post about how in these trouble times that the buy-and-hold system isn’t really working. There’s too much volatility in the markets to do that type of trading, but with the moves (or lack of) of the markets this week…who knows.
In this week the markets have held up quite well and I’ve made some good gains because of the strength and stability in the markets.
News came out late last week about the Ponzi scheme that Bernard Madoff was running for some time. Taking over $50 billion dollars from many people. I would have figured that more people would have pulled out more money on that news.
I guess that the Federal Reserve basically removing the lending rate this week help. That really got the markets fired up on Tuesday afternoon. It seem to continue throughout the week as well as news came out about the condition of the financial industry. The dollar has weakened in the last few trading days, which makes me a little confused to how the markets have been moving, but I’m not going to complain at this point.
It seems that the stability is coming back to the markets as the VIX levels drop to more of a normal and acceptable area. Yes, the markets were flat, but with all the bad news that came out, we should be happy on the performance of the markets.
Quite a few of the positions that I’ve taken in the last week were down from my core, so I did buy more of those stocks and from Monday to Friday, they’ve all made moves to the upside. With weeks like this when things could have gone worse than they did, It makes me wonder if we’re basically at the bottom already. I guess next week will give us a better clue on the answer of that.

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