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Penny Stocks

In the past, we spoke about buying penny stocks. My partner and I have been into small cap stocks and quite a few of them could be considered a penny stock. I have a diversified portfolio and that includes having interest in small and large companies as well as being in different sectors.
I have to admit that right now I favor smaller companies (particularly alternative energy) at this time. Smaller companies that are publicly traded can double or triple their size a lot easier than large cap company.
Buying penny stocks can be very rewarding, then again it can financially wipe you out. Here at Beating The Stock Market.com, we try to explain and enlighten you about the stock market. I myself strive to learn more each day about the markets and in my travels I find some great tidbits of information. Well here’s one that I read a few years back and I just ran into it again today. I felt that you guys/gals out there would like to read it. The publication is titled Penny Stocks and I hope it was worth your time.

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One Response to “Penny Stocks”

  1. Scott
    Twitter: hopkism

    I have to ask what is your interest in alternative energy small companies? Do you see much of a future in these and people catching on to them in North America?

    Most penny stock or small cap stock enthusiasts tend to take a closer look at bio medical companies as well.

    You are right about having the small caps in your portfolio as this is really how to get rich and make profits. The reliable large caps are good for maintaining money but they are often hard to realize profits from gains because the shares are so much more expensive.
    Scott recently posted..5 Ways to Make Your Portfolio Green With Renewable Energy InvestmentsMy Profile

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