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Penny Stock Alerts

If you spend any time researching companies that you’re thinking of trading stock in, I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements, the pop-up windows and the e-mails informing you of different websites that will give you alerts on penny stocks they believe will make you some great gains.

The only problem that I see with that is you really don’t know the person who is running the website. Quite a few of them are actually fund managers that use you to help pump up the price of the stock to help them make more money. Of course I’m not saying that all of them are like that but you need to be aware of who you might be dealing with.

I myself subscribe to many different alerts from websites just to see what’s going on. In many cases I watch their picks to see if they’re going to be right or wrong. Unfortunately many of the picks don’t really go anywhere after the initial jump. How I see it, many of these website/traders position themselves in a company, start hyping it up and tell their readers/subscribers that it will do great for them. As the price goes up they start scaling out their position. Most of the stocks that I’ve been watching over the last two months from these alerts would have lost me thousands of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I would have made money on some of the picks, but not as much as I would have lost.

The latest stock that I’ve seen being pushed is Biocentric Energy Holdings (OTC:BEHL.PK). I saw this being pushed by several different websites. I figured that this too would be another pump-and-dump fiasco as I’ve seen before. I even saw some talk on a penny stock forum of how this is being pushed. The stock price was $0.023 per share when I first received the alert, after three positive days where it went to $0.07 I was waiting for the price to fall. To my surprise, it still hasn’t started to lose momentum. As of this morning, the price per share was to to $0.14, a gain of over 500% in just a week or so. If you were one of the many that jumped into this investment, you need to get out now. I’m telling you that this will not be in the category of “best penny stocks 2010”. The company doesn’t have anything really going on to sustain the gain in price.

I’ve talked about it before and said that buying penny stocks can be very rewarding, but at the same time you can lose a ton of money. Be careful when you trade penny stocks, even more so than you would with bigger cap companies.

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