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Patience And Timing Are Everything

Today the latest retail numbers were released and I’m sure most of you (if not all) weren’t surprised. Let’s be for real, the economy is in the crapper and to expect any retailer (except Walmart of course)to post good numbers in this quarter or even the next.
The results were devastating and to make matters worse, the rumor out today was that there are more hedge funds redemptions. This is just a continued de-leveraging of the markets. Unfortunately no one really knows how many more hedge funds are going to drag down the stock market. This type of roller-coaster ride is far from over.
Expect that each time the markets make up some good ground like they did in the last two weeks, hedge funds will take profits and dump their positions. So my advice to my readers are to do the same. In this type of volatility, anyone invested in the markets need to be more of a trader than a investor. Take caution and profit where you can and hold on to a good portion of capitol on the side for when days like this take place.
There quite a few companies that their stocks have taken a beaten. If you are prepared with capitol, you can pick up some shares at a great discount. As a matter of fact there are too many that fall into this category. Too bad that it would take me about a month to list them.
I’m sure many of my readers have their selection of stocks that they favor which have dropped in share price, so take your time and if you do get caught in the red, be patient and leave your emotions at the door.

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