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(NYSE:AGM) Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.

Back in October 2008 I wrote a post about Federal Agricultural Mortgage (NYSE:AGM). At the time the stock price went up by over 350% in just one week. Well the stock fell back down to it’s pre-spike price during the next three weeks, where it’s pretty much has been since then.
Until Tuesday morning where it started it’s 113% price gain. That’s right the stock jumped after the earnings report was released showing that they’ve steered the company around to post a net income of $33.5 million or $3.31 per diluted share. What makes it interesting is that there are no analyst covering this company. As per Yahoo Finance.com, there is no info available for AGM.
The main reason for such a great quarter was driven by the financial derivatives along with the trading assets.
What I will say is that most of the gains in the share price happened before the markets even opened. Needless to say that means that most average Joes didn’t see much profits unless they jumped in the stock before the close of Monday trading hours. I you jumped in a the opening of the markets you would still have made over 7% with the trade. Typically a stock will continue on momentum for the next day or two, so don’t try to chase this stock since most of the gains have already happened. I may be wrong and it could take another good jump in price, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially since the financial sector took a beaten today and will most likely continue for the rest of the week.

*DISCLAIMER* At the time of this post, I do not have a position in AGM.

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