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Momentum In The Stock Market

This past week has been great for profits in the stock market, but only if you get out before the momentum stops and the prices come back down from the profit takers. After the DOW fell below 7000 in the last month, there hasn’t been much of a bright side to making money in the markets unless you’ve been shorting stocks. Of course of you don’t have a margin account, you’re not able to short stocks.
In the past week there has been great gains a many of the stocks that were beaten up during the fall of the DOW. The only way for you to hold on to those gains is to sell. If you don’t take your profits, then you didn’t gain anything if the prices fall again.
With what’s going on in Washington, it stands to reason that the upward movement that we’ve just experienced in this week, is just a temporary one. Capitalism is under fire with all the spending that is going on in the government. Many companies are laying off people and it will continue throughout the rest of this year. Even though Caterpillar has announced today that they will be hiring back many of the 2,400 employees that were recently laid off, there are other companies that are not in the same position as them. Caterpillar will be involved in many of the infrastructure contracts that will be created by the stimulus bill.
If didn’t get into Caterpillar when it fell below $22, then you missed out on some of the great gains that the stock has made. It’s not too late to buy into Caterpillar even at the $26 range. I expect good things for the stock over the next year.
As for other stocks that have made some good moves over the last week, Sirius XM Radio has moved from their recent low of $0.05 in the latter part of February to where it sits now at $0.3362 per share. I’ve talked about Sirius in the past and still favor the company to come back from their near extinction. With it great move of 43% just today, I will be taking some profits and look to get back in on a pull-back.
Remember to be aware that the turmoil is far from over and there will be pull-backs on most of these stocks that have had momentum gains. Trade carefully and don’t be greedy.
Happy Trading.

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