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Is America Doomed?

What is going to happen to America? It seems that the true meaning of capitalism is being destroyed. The problem is capitalism is being destroyed by the very people who say they’re trying to preserve it. How can this be? It’s how I see it. What are your thoughts? here’s mine.

First we started with the financial sector, now it’s the American auto industry. When are the taxpayers going to see the return on their investment in these sectors? At the rate it’s going, I doubt it will ever happen in our life time.

Yes, I know that the government is saying that this will help the economy, but aren’t they the same people who put us in this mess?

In the 1990’s NAFTA was signed and many business’ went over the border to make the products that were being built here in this country. Ford and General Motors have opened factories in Canada and Mexico since NAFTA was past.

When the bill was past in 1996 to help all American buy their own home. I’m sure the politicians were aware of the fact that it would be done with taxpayer’s money through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the help of adjustable mortgage rates. It helped people get into homes that they couldn’t even afford.

Twenty plus years ago we heard that there was going to be more energy efficient cars within ten years. How come my 2005 truck gets the same mileage as the 1985 Grand Am I owned fifteen years ago? What’s with these CAFE laws and all the other regulations that are put on the automakers when the cars haven’t really improved over the decades.

Now after all this crap that has gone on for too long, the companies that are in trouble are going to the people who caused these problems for help. All the while the American people sit in their living rooms watching mindless TV and are none the wiser. Go figure.

I know that this isn’t a political site, but in all actuality this post isn’t about politics. It’s about the way Capitalism is being destroyed by people who have their own agenda. Wall Street and Main Street are one and the same and from where I live, it doesn’t look like capitalism to me.

We need to stop bailing out these companies that don’t handle their business in a proper manner. If you can’t make the business profitable then you shouldn’t be in business.

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