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How Long Will The Market Stay Strong?

Our current economic condition is on shaky ground, but the stock market is still holding on to it’s position. Yes the stock market has been jumping up and down by 500+ points, but it’s still above the 10,000 level.

I keep getting question asked to me about how to read the stock market and I seem to be able to answer that less and less these days. The present Administration is spending money like there’s no tomorrow and if they keep it up there won’t be (for our economy that is). The private sector is not hiring enough people to give the economy the boost it needs. Unemployment is still above the 10% level and if you count the people who stopped looking for work and have finished their unemployment benefits, it’s more like 15%.

I watch the stock market each day and listen to the report that come up and they’re pretty negative. Consumer confidence, unemployment, durable goods and so many other reports show that the country is in bad shape. As it is, we can’t believe the media or the government to give us the “real” numbers or the truth, so I guess that’s how the stock market is still at the current levels.

Now a days it’s not easy reading the stock market so if you’re still looking to make money on Wall Street, you’ll need to do what I’ve been doing for some time now. That is to go ahead and just focus on the stocks out there that are still doing what is necessary to make it in this economy. Technology stocks like Apple and their suppliers are making profits and it doesn’t look like it going to end any time soon. Technology is what is need in this country and when the bottom drops out of the markets, it will be these stocks that will continue to grow. I noticed that people who are still out of work still have a cell phone, laptops and other gadgets. It seems that we can no longer live without these items.

Don’t bother trying to read the markets, it’s not so easy has it use to be when the economy was booming and the American people had money for discretionary spending. I can’t seem to figure out why the stock market is up to the level that it is, but it could also be because of the money that the Treasury is printing on a regular basis. As long as they keep printing money, the value of the dollar will continue to go down. Last week, the dollar was at a 15 year low against the Yen.

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