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How Does The Stock Market Work?

One of the top three questions that I hear from friends, family and other people that know that I deal with the stock market on a daily basis is, “how does the stock market work?”. There is no way to really tell you everything there is to know about the stock market in just one post. To understand the stock market totally would take you a few years to do.
I’ve been dealing with the stock market for quite some time and I have to admit that I still don’t know everything to beat the markets all the time. The stock market are always changing and what may have worked in the past won’t necessarily help you in the future. Of course the basics will stay the same.
I get my information from many different sources to keep a breast of the situation at hand that will effect the markets. Relying on only one or two sources is not enough to be truly informed.
That leads me to talk about one of the sources I use on a daily basis. That source is Jim Cramer from Mad Money on CNBC. While his show is some-what informing (I find it more entertaining than informative), I’m referring to his Action Alerts subscription that he offers at TheStreet.com. His Action Alert is a way to get a good look at how he trades stocks as well as his criteria in picking stocks to invest in. He can’t trade stocks for his personal gains, instead he has a portfolio that all the proceeds go to charity. In the subscription he allows you to see what he holds in the portfolio along with daily e-mails (a few of them each day), as to why he is building more or less of a position in a particular stock. He doesn’t buy or sell anything in the portfolio until he has sent out an e-mail to his subscribers informing them of his next move.
I do have to say that I’ve taken his advice many times over the past few years and have made money following him. The best gains I’ve made following his advice was during a bull market. His portfolio has beaten out the S&P 500 each year I’ve been involved with the Action Alerts, more so during a bull market.
Action alerts is also an affiliate of Beating The Stock Market and has offered my readers a two week FREE Trial of the program. What could you possibly lose with a free trial? In the past two months of the stock market climbing I’ve watched the Action Alert portfolio grow more than the major indicies. As a matter of fact, one of his picks gained over 80% in the weeks following his recommendation of the stock.

TheStreet.com 120x120 Free Trial

Just click on the button.

Happy Trading.

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