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Federal Reserve Interest Rates Rallies The Stock Market

Finally after a year of looking like he knows nothing, Ben Bernanke takes drastic measures to get the economy back on track. The Federal Reserve interest rates have been lowered to it’s lowest in history. The benchmark interest rate has been lowered to zero to 0.25%, making it easier and cheaper to borrow money and pay their mortgages.
With the Fed’s actions, the stock market rallied like it had no sign of a lack of confidence. The DOW gained 4.2%, and the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 over 5%. It’s a clear sign that they (Federal Reserve) is willing to do anything and everything to avoid a depression. Investors pumped capital into the markets right after the announcement was made shortly after 2:00pm Tuesday.
Several banks have lowered their prime lending rates to 3.25% and it look like more will follow in the coming days. It’s now a matter of people (who still have fears of the economy), are willing to borrow money and take on more debt.
The only bad thing about the rate being lowered to these levels is that there is no where else to go. The Federal Reserve has always had the power of cutting the interest rate as a tool against economic troubles. At this point though I would think that unless World War III was to break out, the worst of the problems are behind us.
I’ve felt that Ben Bernanke has always been behind the curve when it came to putting stability in the economy, but this move has shown that he’s finally up to speed with what needs to be done.
This has been the sign I’ve been waiting for for me to get back in the stock market a lot more aggressively and I started doing that this week when many buying opportunities were available on Monday. If you were the many that have been doing your research and waiting on the sidelines, I suggest you start taking positions in those companies that you found attractive. I don’t recommend you going all in yet since there is that margin of the unexpected still there, but putting about 50% of your capital to work just might be the thing to do right now.
Be patient and happy trading.

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