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Ethanol And Alternative Energy

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Now with the price of oil being down over 60% since it’s July high of $147 per barrel, it seems that ethanol and other alternative energy sources have fallen out of flavor with investors. It was obvious to see that we needed to find other means to supply our fuel needs when we were paying $4.11 per gallon of gas (national average July 7, 2008), but with the price of gas now at $1.89 (Nov. 24,2008) people and investors are being blinded by how cheap it is at the moment.
Ethanol is a fuel source that is derived from corn. A fuel source that has been in use for many years. Unfortunately, it has cause the price of corn to be very volatile and may cause a food shortage if we’re not careful.
Other alternative energies consist of wind, solar, nuclear and natural gas. All of which we can produce and manufactured in our own backyard without the assistance of foreign countries.
The problem is that with the price of oil falling to where it was in March 2007, it has made the idea of alternative energies less competitive. The credit crisis has also made it even harder to get the funding that is needed to expand on these ideas.
T.Boone Pickens plan of have a major wind farm built in Texas has been delayed because of the lack of financial lending.
It now seems that President-elect Obama is getting on board with Mr Pickens and his ideas to free this country from the dependency of foreign oils. Word is spreading that within the next stimulus package, alternative energies will be added in.
Out of the choices that were listed in this post, ethanol is the one that Obama is favoring the most. If that’s the case, ethanol stocks may be something that might interest you. I do not recommend any ethanol stocks because of what is going on with the industry. VeraSun Corp. (NASDAQ:VSE) has filed bankruptcy last week and it’s leading competitor Poet LLC, a private held company is looking to acquire them.

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