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A Little Life In The Stock Market Today

Today the stock market had a little life in it. Gaining 75 points to start off the week after a dismal performance during the last three weeks. The DOW has been doing outstanding holding on to this level of 16,000-17,000 points. The question is though…How much longer will this last???

There is too much turmoil going on in America as well as around the world for the DOW to even be at this level. So why is the DOW and the other indexes doing so well?

This is an election year which will play a factor in the performance of the markets. Politics plays one of the biggest roles in what happens on Wall Street. Laws that are written, wars that are waged along with the money being printed by the Federal Reserve can and will cause the DOW to skyrocket or plummet. With all the crap going on, I’m surprised the DOW isn’t at the 10,000 or lower range.

I read an article the other day written by someone who is an stock analyst claiming the DOW should be be around 10,000-11,000 range. The assistance coming from Ben Bernake and friends in the form of the never-ending-printing-machine have made our dollars weak which in return will cause the market to be higher than it should be. Last week the Federal Reserve announced the reduction of quantitative easing. In doing so, expect interest rates to start rising. If your were thinking of buying a home or more property for an investment, I suggest you do it real soon before rates go up.

If your are one of the many people who have gone back in the stock market, either in your 401K or you’re doing your own trading, I recommend pulling back, moving more of your investment into commodities like gold, silver and other hard assests or getting the hell out completely. There’s only so much stress on anything before it snaps.

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