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Bear Market Rally

What a week this has been for some great gains. Just more to add to the already increasing portfolio since the DOW hit the 6500 range. On March 9th the DOW was at 6547.05. In less than three weeks the market now sits at 7924.56 going into Friday morning trading. I don’t know about you, but if you haven’t taken your profits and locking in those gains, you are just being greedy.
Everything points to this movement to be nothing but a bear market rally. In the last three weeks the Dow increased 18% while the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ jumped 20% during the same period.
We are not out of the woods yet. The economy is still in disarray and current Administration doesn’t have all the answers. Whatever the reason for the stock market performance, it’s not going to last or even to be able to sustain these levels. Just because Jim Cramer has stop screaming “the sky is falling”, because he says the “Great Depression II” is off the table. Remember that after the initial crash in 1929 to the actual “bottom” in the stock market, there were quite a few bear market rallies.
Yes, the prices of stocks fell over the long three years, but in between those years there were times when the market experienced a nice 10% to 20% gains in relatively short periods of time, only to drop back down to it’s bottom or even lower levels.
I’m quite happy with the 22% gains I’ve made this month. I started scaling back my position and taking profits on Monday. The prices of the stocks have continued to climb after I sold many of the shares. I’m not going to get greedy and think about if I didn’t sell any of the shares I would have had more profits than just 22%.
No one can ever predict a “bottom in the market or in any one stock, the same goes for trying to do the same at the “top”. The whole idea to never buying all your shares at once is to lower your dollar cost average. The idea of scaling out of a position is to secure your profits.
Be ready for the pull back in the stock market as it’s exactly what I’m expecting to happen in the next three weeks. I’ll pick up the same shares I sold, but at a lower prices.

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