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Automakers Running Out Of Gas

On Capitol Hill the battle heats up as the U.S. automakers sit idle and wait to see what their fate will be. The Republicans are fighting the bill which will not give the Democrats enough votes to pass the bill.
I agree that they industry shouldn’t be bailed out of the mess that they along with the UAW created. If you follow this blog or have read my previous post on the issue, you know that I say if you can’t run a business properly and profitably then you should be in business.
Needless to say that the stocks are being hammered today because of the uncertainty of the situation. Which makes it a great buying opportunity for the preferred stocks of GM and Ford. I suggest that you don’t buy it unless you believe that the bill will get passed eventually.
I’m sure that many of you have been watching this intently to see the outcome, if you have been seeing the whole picture through open eyes and with an open mind you will see that the companies have done this to themselves with the help of the UAW.
Watch this video and you may see why I feel the way I do about unions and why I feel that they are destroying this country.

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