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Are You Ready To Take Adventage Of The Markets

Typically the months of August and September are the two least to make gains. As people are going on their last minute vacation before the summer is over, the stock markets seem to take a break. The volume is lower than any other time of the year.

As you can see by the last couple of weeks, the markets have seen a stall in gains compared to the other four months. The overall markets are holding to their levels, but quite few good stocks have come down from where they were just a little while ago. I don’t expect them to stay there very long. At the present time, the markets are showing that they are at a good resistance level. I also see that it’s more of a bull than a bear scenario going on.

The correction in the markets seem to be happening on the individual stock levels, so I’m getting ready to go all-in. I see some of the companies that I’ve been recently coming down to levels I consider a good entry point. If the stocks do fall back after I start building a position, that won’t be a problem since I always buy in increments.

So my question to you is… Are you ready to get in (if you’re sitting on the sidelines), or build a bigger position in the companies that you own already? Do your research on those companies now, so when the time is right to get in, you will know which ones will be a great investment. If you are up more than 20% in a stock already, you might want to take profit now and get back in after the pull-back.

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Due diligence and research is vital to surviving in the markets, so be disciplined in your trading style and remember… Happy Trading.

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