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Alternative Energy: Ethanol

For some time we’ve known about ethanol and how it will help our dependency on oil. A fuel source derived from corn. Is it really worth the effort to go this route?
When this idea was first presented to the American people, It was packaged and sold to us that this is the way to go to remove ourselves from the need of foreign oil. It’s been several years now and lets take a good look at what ethanol really does for us.
Ethanol has been used in gas products for decades and offers a way for a cleaner burning fuel. Unfortunately it’s not true, well the fuel burns cleaner, but to make the fuel it causes more pollution than if we just used the gas without the ethanol.
As for the corn that is needed to make the product. We use 20% of the nations food supply (corn) to make 3% of the fuel that we burn. Mathematically that doesn’t seem like an equation that makes sense. We’re creating a new problem while trying to eradicate another.
It is believed that it will take about 60 million acres dedicated to corn growing to remove our oil dependency without effecting our domestic food supplies, but what about the exporting of those products. We export quite a bit of it to other countries and what’s to come when we don’t have enough.
Take into consideration that ethanol can not be transported by pipelines, so we need to use trains, trucks and barges to move it, which in turn becomes more expensive and involved than using a pipeline.
Ethanol contains less energy than gas. That means drivers have to make more frequent trips to the pump. it is estimated that vehicles get 25 % less mileage with ethanol than it does with fossil fuels. It is stated that the new vehicles will get better mileage as the car manufacturers improve the vehicles, but we know that they (with the help of politicians) will only improve the cars so much.
So you make the call. Is ethanol really worth the effort? In my opinion, no.

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  1. Amy Morris says:

    oh how i wish that we are all using Alternative sources of energy instead of oil “

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