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Alternative Energies and Fuels

Alternative Energies and Fuels

It’s amazing how the price of oil has moved over the last eighteen months. After reaching an all time high of $147 per barrel, oil prices have come down to the $42 range. How long will it stay these levels is anyone’s guess, but if OPEC has anything to say about it, it most definitely won’t be there for long.

Yesterday the 111th Congress was sworn into office. I hope that they don’t abandon the idea of alternative energy. I’m a big supporter of getting away from the dependency of foreign oil which has crippled this country in totally becoming the free and independent entity that it was meant to be. The United States imports nearly 70% of the oil that we use. how can that be when we have enough oil of the coast of Texas and Florida along with ANWAR that could support all of our needs for the nest 30-40 years. By the time we deplete the mass resources within our own borders, we could have most of our energy needs from nuclear, solar, wind and natural gas.

In regards to natural gas, we (United States) sit on the world’s largest deposit of natural gas than any other country. How can the politician be so blind and/or stupid to what really needs to be done. The U.S. in at the mercy of the foreign countries of the most unstable area on this planet unless we do something now. Yes, we will still need to get our oil from them for quite some time, but if you think about it, if we started 30 years ago, we would be at the point of not needing their resources by now.

Over thirty years ago we had the nuclear scare of our lives at Three Mile Island in York, Pennsylvania and since then, we basically stopped building and expanding that technology. Fortunately, that is starting to change now. Florida has just approved the building of two nuclear plants in central part of the state.

If we don’t do our American duties and contact our local and state politicians to inform them of what is best for the country and the American people, I feel that they’ll just sit on their butts and do what they did to the financial crisis before it happened…NOTHING!

Then where will we be at in another 30 years?

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  1. Josh Maxwell says:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entries. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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